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We help spread cybersecurity thought leadership by interviewing expert guests across a wide variety of cybersecurity domains.

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Who We Are

Meet the Founders

Matt Keeley

Matt currently lends his expertise as a Technical Advisor at RealTime Cyber. With a background as a Penetration Tester and Application Security, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Matt has discovered and remediated over 1,500 vulnerabilities and has won awards including 1st Place NSA (National Security Agency) Codebreakers CTF, 1st Place - Secure Code Warrior Championship, Cyber Defense Competition 3rd place & 5th place, Hack the Box Top 10, & Hive Storm Competition Top 10.

In addition he holds industry recognized certifications like AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Zero Point Security Certified Red Team Operator, Offensive Security Certified Expert (OSCE), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), U.S Dept of Homeland Security Mobile and Device, & U.S Dept of Homeland Security Offensive and Defensive Network Operation.

How we can help you

Tom Kelly

Tom founded RealTime Cyber after working in cybersecurity startups and managed services for almost a decade.

He holds industry certifications like the CompTIA Security+ and CMMC Registered Practitioner.

We he's not helping companies with security, he interview cybersecurity experts to help spread their though leadership throughout the Cyber Security and Greater Technology Community.

He also runs a YouTube channel that digests things going on in the cyberspace to help promote cybersecurity awareness.

How we can help you