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Our Founders

Meet the Founders

Tom Kelly

Co-Founder, Operations

Matt Keeley

Co-Founder, Technical Lead
Our Story

How Realtime Cyber Began

In the heart of the Arizona desert, where innovation collided with scorching heat, RealTime Cyber was born from the partnership of Matt, a decorated hacker, and Tom, a seasoned cybersecurity entrepreneur. Their story began at a tech conference in Phoenix, where Matt's expertise in uncovering vulnerabilities and Tom's decade-long experience in cybersecurity startups intersected.

After a year of creating insightful YouTube videos and delving into technical depths, they joined forces to launch RealTime Cyber, driven by a shared passion for cybersecurity. Late-night coding sessions beneath the desert sky and an unwavering commitment to a safer digital world propelled their startup into a powerhouse. RealTime Cyber stands as a testament to their dynamic partnership, conquering the expansive digital frontier.

Tom's business acumen, combined with Matt's impressive hacking awards and certifications, laid the foundation for RealTime Cyber. Together, they not only demystified the complexities of cyberspace but also crafted an inspiring narrative of an unlikely duo making a lasting impact in digital security.

Today, RealTime Cyber specializes in pentesting and compliance audits, earning accolades such as discovering and remediating over 1,500 vulnerabilities and securing top positions in prestigious competitions. The team's list of awards and certifications, including 1st Place in the NSA Codebreakers CTF and recognition from the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security, attests to their relentless pursuit of excellence. RealTime Cyber, led by Matt and Tom, continues to leave an indelible mark in the realm of cybersecurity.